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The Yorkshire Shetland Sheepdog Club

Founded 1976



Unfortunately, for various reasons, there are times when a Sheltie can no longer be cared for by his owner - illness, marriage break-up, bereavement or other unforeseen circumstances.   The club runs a rescue service and will endeavour to help any Sheltie who finds himself in genuine need.

Sheltie Rescue is supported entirely by donations and any offers of help are very much appreciated.  Our grateful thanks to all who have helped and given so generously in the past and especially to those who remember the Sheltie in need with a legacy.

Below are some photos of our friends who found themselves in need of a new family and have been  placed in loving homes through Sheltie Rescue.  They are now rewarding their new owners with the loyalty and devotion so characteristic of the Sheltie.

"Toby's" new owners wrote to tell us what a big hit he was with all the family and how her daughter frequently "borrowed" him at weekends to take him walking.  One of Toby's favourite tricks is to put his whole 'snout' in the water and blow bubbles as he drinks.  She goes on to state "please keep up your good work with Sheltie Rescue because you've certainly made this adoptee very happy".


"Pip" and "Babs" enjoying the fresh air and each other's company.


"Polly" found herself unwanted and on "death row" with only hours to live, so Sheltie Rescue stepped in and she was adopted by a family who had two other Shelties.  At first she was so frightened that she lost her voice, but the love she received helped her regain confidence and soon she was joining in all the barking games.


"Mitzie" enjoying a day out with her new family

< (before)


      (and after) >



"Oscar" and "Monty"

"Brandy" whose owners describe him as a little beauty who has settled in really well

If you are in need of help or can offer a permanent, loving home to a Sheltie in need, please contact
Mrs. Beryl Butler
- Tel:  0114 246 2291




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